About our application - Dexter

Easy integrations

Dexter is built on a versatile REST API for universal integration with your own systems. We also provide integrations with Portbase, financial accounting software, document signing software and CRM systems.

Built for speed

Dexter is carefully engineered to respond to you as fast as possible. We target a maximum response time of 100ms, making every action feel instantaneous.

Daily updates

Dexter is updated daily with new features and bug fixes.

Netherlands most innovative customs brokerage software

Dexter is our built in-house customs software, born from years of expertise and collaboration among customs brokers. Engineered for speed, ease, and automation, it empowers brokers with efficiency and accuracy in managing customs processes.

More than software, Dexter embodies innovation, constantly integrating new tech and adapting to regulations, ensuring it remains at the forefront of customs solutions.

We develop and use the application fully in-house, so we know exactly what it takes to prevent mistakes and improve the quality of declarations.

Dexter is free to use for clients of Lean Customs and also available as a standalone customs broker software package at RTTR Software.

Built by customs brokers, for customs brokers.

Dexter vs. Alternatives


Old-fashioned and slow

Hard to integrate


Slow updates


Modern and fast

Easy to integrate

Built by customs brokers

Daily updates and bug fixes